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Use Your Emotions To Help Win the Match by Steve Annacone
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Use Your Emotions To Help Win the Match by Steve Annacone

Emotions are a part of tennis. Players tend to feel miserable when they lose and great when they win. This is true during the match as well. A winning point can give you an exhilarating feeling and a losing point can tear your insides apart. For almost all players, it is better not to show your negative emotions. John McEnroe was one of the few players who I felt, played better after getting irritated on the court. Most of the time that negative energy can carry into the next point resulting in several points, and even games being lost in succession. Positive emotions can propel you to heights you never knew existed. However, it is important to channel those positive emotions correctly. If you are a high emotions type player, a fist pump or a “let’s go” can be used quite a bit when something good happens. However, it is sometimes better to use the outward positive display a little more carefully so that it still has the intended result as the match goes on. Using Pete Sampras and Roger Federer as my example, both of these players use the fist pump or a “yes” but only a few times a match. They both have a tendency to stay measured with their emotions and I believe this helps when it gets to be a crucial stage in the match. Rafa tends to be much more animated since he is that “high energy” type player. Djokovic is somewhere in between these players. Try to figure out who you are similar to as far as your emotions are concerned, and adjust how you display your feelings accordingly. My advice is to stay on the lower end of showing how you feel (unless you are very high energy and it helps you play better) and use your fist pump or words of encouragement at an appropriate time. Try not to have negative outbursts or reactions. This will help you stay calm, cool, and collected at crunch time and allow you to perform at a high level even if there are some nerves involved. Your ability to channel these emotions and feelings will be a big help when you are trying to win the match.

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Steve Annacone, USPTA Elite Professional, is a Tennis Coach with Traveling Tennis Pros in Tucson, Arizona, the Director of Annacone TennisMyHamptonsPro and First Serve Tucson. Steve is also a Volunteer Assistant Coach for the University of Arizona Women’s team. For questions about private tennis lessons, group clinics, or tennis coaching, please go to our Tennis Lessons Tucson, Arizona page or contact us.

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