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If I Were to Simplify… by Steve Annacone

Traveling Tennis Pros - If I were to simplify - Getty Images Tennis is a complex sport. If I were to simplify how to teach a beginner how to hit the ball from the baseline, this is where I would start: First, practice watching the ball from the opponent’s point of contact all the way past your own point of contact. Determine whether it is a forehand or backhand, and turn your shoulders before starting to move your feet to the ball. Make sure to recover and move back towards the open part of the court. Repeat this same idea until someone misses a shot or hits a winner. Next, I would make sure the player understands that tennis is a game of repetition. Regardless of how the ball is hit to you, the goal should be to try to swing at the ball similarly each time. This is much more difficult to do than it sounds since almost every ball is hit with a different speed, direction, height, and depth, not to mention the different spins a player may hit. Also, there will be many times a player must hit the ball while they are moving, which complicates the idea even more. In summary, watch the ball, turn once you know it is a forehand or a backhand, take a few steps to get your position comfortable, swing the same way each time, recover and keep repeating this process until the ball is no longer in play. This simplification will be greatly beneficial to beginners as well as players at the highest level. All Natural – Organic – Pharmaceutical Grade

Steve Annacone, USPTA Elite Professional, is the Director of Annacone TennisMyHamptonsPro and Baron’s Cove Resort In Sag Harbor, NY.  Steve is also a Volunteer Assistant Coach for the University of Arizona Women’s team. For questions about lessons, clinics, or coaching, please go to the Traveling Tennis Pros Tennis Lessons Arizona page or contact us.

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