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How to Maximize Your Potential By David Lloyd

How to Maximize Your Potential By David Lloyd


If you want to be the best tennis player you can possibly be, you will have to improve every aspect of your game.  Outlined below are the 5 most important areas tennis players need to focus their efforts.  If you don’t do all 5 your chances of reaching your full potential will diminish.


Excellent Coaching – If you want to improve, you will need the help of a well-qualified tennis professional.  Preferably, one who is certified by the United States Professional Tennis Association.  This certification shows that the tennis coach has put in the work to learn how to effectively teach and has passed all the tests to prove it.  This USPTA coach is constantly keeping up with all the latest teaching techniques and drills to maximize their efforts to help their players.


You absolutely need someone who can look at your game and your strokes then tell you how you need to improve.  If you are a beginner or intermediate player and you try to teach yourself, you will be in danger of repeating the same mistakes over and over.  For example, if you practice your forehand with poor form, you will get better and better at hitting a forehand with poor form.


If you are an advanced player with a coach, you will benefit from having someone watching your game and telling you what areas you need to make improvements.  This coach will help you put together a program to practice the areas of your game, that you are the weakest.  


Often heard at tennis clubs around the world, “I don’t need a tennis coach, because I already know how to play tennis.”  Tell that to Roger Federer, he knows a thing or 2 about tennis but still has a full-time tennis coach.  


Intense Training – Once your coach has laid down the foundation for your game, you will have to really put in the work.  You still need to see your coach to make sure your game is not going in the wrong direction, but most of the hard work will be your responsibility.  Training comes in many variations.  You will have to work hard on your strokes, footwork, speed and endurance.  


Tennis is a very physical game and a lot of the time, the player who is in the best shape is the one who ends up winning.  So, in addition to working on your groundstrokes, volleys, serves, footwork etc, you will have to get in the best shape possible.   


Fierce Competition You may have the prettiest groundstrokes at your club, but without the ability to win points, you will only go so far.  You have to get yourself into combat situations.  You need high-pressure tennis circumstances, so you can practice getting out.  Playing points and drills that put tons of pressure on you not to lose will make you stronger mentality, build your confidence and improve your game.  A good tennis coach will set-up high-stakes drills for you to practice competing against other players.


Proper Diet – If you put in all the hard work above, then leave the courts to head to McDonalds for a burger and a Coke, you will undo a big part of what you’ve worked so hard to improve.  Remember, this article is all about maximizing your potential as a tennis player.  Eating junk or processed food and drinking soft drinks full of sugar will slow you down and diminish your ability to get your body energized.  


The best diet for energy, gut health, weight loss and lean muscle building is the Paleo DietThis diet involves eating healthy meat, organic vegetables and nuts.  The fish should be wild-caught and the beef should be organic, hormone-free, antibiotic-free, grass-fed.  Chicken should be organic, free-range, hormone-free.


Healthy Vitamins & Supplements – Unfortunately, eating healthy is not enough with today’s modern food.  So much of our diet is made up of processed food with synthetic additives that makes food sources lose their natural properties.  Almost everyone is protein deficient.  Low protein causes weight gain, insufficient healing, slow muscle recovery and chronic fatigue.  This may play out in a nagging injury, that never heals or tired muscles that are always sore or always being excessively tired.

The solution is adding healthy all-natural supplements to your diet.  This not only will give you more energy, stronger lean muscles, it should give you the edge over your opponent, who is not taking care of him/herself off the court.


1. What Essential Amino Acids Are, How They Work, and Why They Matter by Dr. David Minkoff July 23, 2019

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David Lloyd is the Founder and President of Traveling Tennis Pros, LLC.  Located mostly in Florida and Arizona, Traveling Tennis Pros offers tennis lessons, group clinics and tennis leagues for tennis players of all abilities.

In addition to running the Traveling Tennis Pros website, David also gives group clinics and private lessons at Arbor Greene in Tampa, FL.

David is also the Founder & President of Alma  Alma Supplements provides all-natural, organic, pharmaceutical grade products for anyone from the chronically ill to world class athletes.  Clients include anyone who wants to get in the best shape of their life or just ones to stay healthy.  Alma Supplements is an authorized distributor of all BodyHealth, Thorne and Kaqun products.


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