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Don’t Punch Your Volleys! by Ian Westermann
Image by Lisa Van Dorp from Pixabay - Traveling Tennis Pros

Don’t Punch Your Volleys! by Ian Westermann


“Punch your volleys” is a prevalent expression in tennis instruction, but it tends to do more harm than good! Here’s a quick tutorial on approaching different volleys with the appropriate technique.

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Essential Tennis

Essential Tennis is worldwide leader in digital tennis improvement resources. For over a decade their coaches have been publishing video, audio, and written instruction helping millions of passionate players improve at the game they love. 


With content ranging from video lessons, to the first tennis podcast ever published on iTunes, to insightful long form emails giving insight into the improvement process Essential Tennis has the guidance you need to reach your goals and break through to the next level of play. 


Their coaches also provide world class in person experiences including group clinics and their exclusive, Milwaukee VIP instructional package


Traveling Tennis Pros - Ian Westermann
Ian Westermann – Head Tennis Professional, Essential Tennis

Ian Westermann is a lifelong tennis lover turned content creator, entrepreneur and business builder. Professional coaching career began on the court teaching full time at private tennis clubs in Wisconsin and the Washington DC area.


Digital career began in 2008 publishing the Essential Tennis Podcast and then building an online business full time since 2011. Now host of the #1 rated tennis podcast on iTunes and most subscribed channel on YouTube for tennis improvement.


Graduate of the Ferris State University Professional Tennis Management program with a bachelors in Business Marketing. Three years of playing experience on their NCAA Division 2 men’s tennis team.

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