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Can’t Find a Doubles Game? by Ken DeHart

Can’t Find a Doubles Game? by Ken DeHart

Can’t find a doubles game?


With all the rules for playing in today’s crazy COVID19 world about who can play with who, it can be challenging finding a game that isn’t singles.


But, what if?

If the rules say, Singles only with your household or as they have relaxed you can play with someone outside your household.  

What if you don’t like to play full court singles.  You want to get ready for the next doubles season coming up.


Here is your answer – “One on One Doubles”  WHAT??


You play your match but it is cross court only.  

*You can decide, deuce court to deuce court or add court to add court.

*Keep score like regular if you like or add 2 points for a volley winner or overhead winner.

*Work on your doubles game by playing cross court like you would in your doubles matches.

*Play 8 game pro sets or 2 out of 3 sets. After each set you can switch from deuce court play to add court play for fun.


Work on all the special tips we have provided for you over the past weeks like:

*Spin before you start to play to see who will serve first and who will return first and from which end of the court.

*Spend extra time warming up your serve and return as that is 70% of all the points you will play in a match.


Play “funny” rules:

*1 serve only. 

*You have to serve and volley.

*You have to lob if they come to the net against you. 

*You have to chip and charge the net on return of serve.

*First 2 shots have to be beyond the service line before the point starts.

*You must volley short into the opponent’s service court or you lose the point.

*You must volley deep behind the service line when at the net or you lose the point.


Ball machine workout:

*Set up the ball machine in the deuce court to hit to your deuce court instead of putting it in the middle of the court and the ball comes from an untrue doubles angle.  You can place the ball machine in the ad-court and have it hit to you from ad-court to ad-court. That is the angle you would receive from if you were playing doubles.


Think outside the box to get your game ready for the next USTA league season – or just play doubles, One on One!

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Ken DeHart is a PTR Hall of Famer, PTR International Master Professional, 2 Time PTR international Pro of the Year, USPTA Master Professional and 4 time USPTA Divisional Pro of the Year. He is the Director of Tennis at Silver Creek Valley Country Club in San Jose, California. Ken travels and speaks at conferences and to pros all around the world, Australian, Wimbledon and US Open tennis teachers conferences and writes extensively for magazines and websites. He is a tennis collector with hundreds of books, racquets and tennis memorabilia in his collection. You can follow Ken on Facebook at Ken DeHart Tennis and on Instagram at dehartken.

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